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Know this if you are trying to sell old toys: Vintage toy stores may pay up to $700 for Hasbro's rare 1967 GI Joe nurse. They would love to buy a reti Wars Imperial Star Destroyer LEGO set for $600 or more. The Fisher Price blue A-frame house might fetch $50. But they...

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1. Select The Category That Best Describes the Item You Want To Sell. We've listed some suggestions here on what we think you might want to sell, but if you still can't find your category, simply click Other at the bottom of the list and then fill in what your item is to the best of your abilities. 2. Enter Your Product Details. Manufacturer ...

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4. Shipping – Depending on how you sell the sets, shipping and packaging costs need to be considered. For the most part, these can be put on the buyer, but even if they are, you still need to physically pack and ship the sets, which takes time and space, as well as some upfront costs. 2. Salvage LEGO Bricks.

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30% off for Black Friday. $20 in Kohl's Cash. Final price: $49.00. Or if you don't want to wait for Black Friday, watch for Target LEGO gift card deals like this one: Buy 2 LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696 $34.99, regular price. Spend $50, receive $10 Target gift card. Use RedCard for 5% off.

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5.| Online Cashback. The online cashback portals are free to join. You can even trade in your cashback points/cash for gift cards at many retailers for extra money to used to purchase free Legos. Even shopping on LEGO .com directly through many of these online cashback portals can get 1% -5% cashback on every purchase.

What is the best way to sell complete used LEGO sets?

1. Selling is easiest via either, it's direct competitor, or EBay. The "lots of money" part is the biggest problem: unless you truly have rare/collectible sets, and they are complete with instructions, it is unlikely you will make a lot of money after shipping, time spent sorting/cleaning and of course the fees levied ...

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The best places to sell your Lego bricks are: BrickLink – BrickLink is a huge marketplace for Lego buyers and they offer every sort of Lego you can imagine. From full on collector sets to random bricks and MOCs ( M y O wn C reation!), this is one place you want to check out if you've got Lego to sell. eBay – eBay is such a huge trusted ...

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As Lego resellers, what we need to assess is what condition Lego we should sell… Selling New Lego. When you're first looking at how to sell Lego, I'd always suggest looking at new Lego. The benefits of selling new Lego parts are you can acquire new Lego quite easily and quickly. You can buy Lego sets within toys shops, supermarkets and online ...

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So you might be wondering by now how we actually made over $1,200 in just a couple of months. That's a lot of money (though admittedly, a lot of money was spent by those who purchased the LEGO sets – mostly as gifts – for our kids). Here's the breakdown: All in, we recovered nearly 50% of the total costs of the sets!

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Weigh the bag and round it to the nearest 0.5kg. Select the total weight of your LEGO® bricks and get an instant price. Send your LEGO® for FREE & get Fast Same Day Payments. With musicMagpie, you don't have to worry about missing blocks, selling an entire set or finding a buyer. Just pack your LEGO® into a bag, weigh it and sell it for ...

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Bricklink® is the world's largest online marketplace to buy and sell LEGO® parts, Minifigures and sets, both new or used. Search the complete LEGO catalog & create your own BrickLink store. Join our mailing list! Get the latest updates about new features, popular items, best sales, and what's happening on BrickLink. ... LEGO® DUPLO® sets ...

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How to Sell & Trade. Bring your LEGO® products into our store and we will evaluate them based on several factors — including condition, demand, and quality — and then make you an offer. You can choose the cash value or the higher in-store credit value. You'll feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO on to a new generation ...

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I sell legos on eBay, they are very popular toy on eBay's website. I regularly buy lego joblot from carboot sale and sell them on ebay to make huge profit. Star Wars and Harry Potter Legos are very popular and Old Lego Duplo sells very fast. You can sell lego as individual pieces or sell them as joblot (50, 100, 500, 1000, pieces in lot).

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Use bricklink to get a value of sets unless you want to open your own bricklink store and sell there. The problem with eBay is that as a seller you have to pay fees and taxes so most of the stuff is overpriced. Anyway, that is an option you can check out. 3. ripreim • 20 hr. ago.

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Sell Your LEGO® for Cash. At Bricks and Minifigs, we buy and trade all things LEGO®: parts, pieces, minifigures and sets. Get cash or store credit for your Lego items (no hassle and free quotes) Go Green – Recycle and Reuse; Pass on your unwanted Lego products to other Lego lovers; How to Sell Your LEGO® products

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Ryan's idea was to sell "gently used" themed Lego sets, such as those featuring scenes from Star Wars and Harry Potter movies. Step #1, Find a Supply. With our support firmly behind him, Ryan placed some ads seeking Lego sets. He quickly got a few bites and negotiated to buy some large Lego collections using the seed money we'd loaned him.

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SELL TO US IN 3 EASY STEPS. We'll pay cash for anything LEGO! This includes sets (complete or incomplete), parts, minfigures and accessories. We offer more for sorted and complete sets, but we can also accept mixed-up loose brick or minifigure parts.

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USED COMPLETE Sets WITH Box & Instructions. We offer 50% cash or 60% store credit based on recent USED sold prices on Used sets need to be clean, assembled and complete when selling so we can quickly verify their complete-ness.

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You can set yourself up as a vendor and create your own online shop for your toys. List your toys, set your prices and start selling. There are no listing fees. FiddlePiddle just takes 5% from the final sales price for each sale. Brian's Toys. Brian's Toys looks for mostly collectible toys that have been unopened and are still in excellent ...

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ItemName: LEGO Slope, Curved 1 x 2 x 1 with Cash Register, Yellow Buttons and Key Hole on Medium Nougat Background Pattern (Sticker) - Set 41732, ItemType: Part, ItemNo: 37352pb024, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigures and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace.

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There is little joy in buying a LEGO set that was already built by someone else. So you are right, that a disassembled set is usually viewed as more valuable. However, consider the following points. When people purchase a LEGO set, either new or used, they expect the parts to be sorted in some way into bags. So, taking apart the sets you have ...

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Some of the big ones are eBay, Amazon, the Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. You probably have your preference, but, out of these, the best place to sell used LEGO sets is probably going to be eBay. Ebay is kind of the go-to place for used toys and collectibles, and many people go to eBay for this kind of thing so you're bound to find a ...

What is the easiest way to sell Lego sets for a good price?

Local Ads. Some people still rely on newspaper etc. adds for their purchases. Although they reach a smaller audience, they have three advantages over eBay: Ads are generally a fixed price, so fees don't depend on selling price - ideal for large lots of LEGO. If you sell locally, you don't have to charge postage, as buyers can generally collect.

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LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters 75827 - CEO Parker's LEGO Collection - USED LEGO Complete. $749.99.

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Selling your LEGO sets is easy. We take care of everything: payment, shipping and cleaning. You will always receive an offer that is based on current selling price of sets in similar condition to your LEGO® sets.. Please complete our sell form to the best of your ability to receive an offer from The Plastic Brick.

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eBay is the best place to sell used Lego. You're highly likely to get the best prices for a discontinued lego set, big set, minifigures, or mixed lots. Also, if you're looking for a quick sale, this is the most convenient platform for you. In terms of fees, expect to pay a 10% commission (or 9% if you're a top seller) on each sale ...

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You'd have to earn it, and this takes time. eBay charges a 10% commission on each sale, and payments are made via PayPal. Bricklink is an online megastore for new and used lego sets and bricks. To sell, you'd need to set up a store, and buyers can either browse for a specific product or browse by stores.

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Where to Sell Used LEGO Sets. There are many forums and marketplaces to sell LEGO. Generic marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Reddit (yes, Reddit) work.There are also LEGO-specific marketplaces like BrickLink (owned by LEGO) and Brick Owl, among many others.. Some of these sites are more established than others.

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1 Answer. Sorted by: 7. Yes, you can sell used LEGO sets. In fact there is huge market for such sets due to, relatively, high product value even on second-hand market. People use local classifieds for local sales as well as global platforms like eBay, Bricklink for greater exposure.