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Summarizing all case-line level accounts at the FMS Trust Fund level, reconciling the summary cash accounts to Treasury's records per Treasury guidance, and using the summary accounts as the basis for required reports on FMS Trust Fund operations; 2BDoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation Volume 15, Chapter 3 ...

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To force a specific calculation type after CASE, a further operand can be added as shown in the second CASE statement. This operand is not involved in the calculation. decf TYPE decfloat34 VALUE 0. CASE inum1 / inum2. WHEN decf. cl_demo_output=>write_text ( 'In CASE equal' ).

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Which of the following best serves as an example of the speaker's use of juxtaposition in the poem? "capital letters" (line 4) and "lower case" (line 24) Which of the following best describes the function of the conceit in "a thought in a coat" (line 7)? It reinforces the speaker's celebration of how artists bestowed physical form on abstractions.

Syntax error at or near "case" when using a case statement

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Using sed to delete a case insensitive matched line

I read that to get case insensitive matches, use the flag "i". sed -e "/pattern/replace/i" filepath. and to delete use d. sed -e "/pattern/d" filepath. I've also read that I could combine multiple flags like 2iw. I'd like to know if sed could combine both i and d I've tried the following but it didn't work. sed -e "/pattern/replace/id" filepath ...

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Sometimes referred to as a third line, the case drain line will relieve any excess pressure and drain it back to your return line, then into the reservoir. Without a properly installed case drain, that extra pressure could blow a seal or damage your hydraulic line. For higher flow motors or on piston and gear motors, a case drain line is always ...

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Unless you can be sure that the pressure in the combined case drain lines will never rise high enough to rupture the motor shaft seal, all motor drain lines should be piped seperately. Most standard shaft seals are only rated to about 5 BAR (73PSI). Maytag is correct, there are many variables that can effect casing drain.

How to create an index on CASE expression in Postgres

Consider also using a filtered index, which is equivalent in terms of functionality but would be using less space, as it will be storing the j values only for rows with i = 1 and not the (possibly millions) or the rest NULL values:. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX test_index_2 ON test (j) WHERE i=1 ;

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Create Case/Line Structure. Manpower and Travel Data Sheets (MTDS) Military Technology Control Regime (MTCR) Review. Critical Program Information (CPI) Anti-tamper Requirements. Pricing (to include accessorial charges) and Delivery Data. Terms of Sale. Line Item Description Notes. Case-unique Notes (to include Short OED, if needed) Service ...

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A really useful variation is: Select Case True Case (a < b) Debug.Print "a b) Debug.Print "a > b" Case Else Debug.Print "a = b" End Select. I think it's clearer than:

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COURT ONLINE is an end-to-end E-Filing, Digital Case Management and Evidence Management system for the High Courts of South Africa. It provides Law Practitioners with the opportunity to file documentation electronically online anywhere and anytime without being physically present at court. It also affords Law Practitioners the ease of managing ...

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Question: Bunker makes two types of briefcase, fabric and leather. The company is currently using a traditional costing system with labor hours as the cost driver but is considering switching to an activity-based costing system. In preparation for the possible switch, Bunker has identified two activity cost pools: materials handling and setup.

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The switch with multiple case line statement is used to select common block of code for many similar cases. Example. package main import ( "fmt" "time" ) func main() { today := time.Now() var t int = today.Day() switch t { case 5, 10, 15: fmt.Println("Clean your house.") case 25, 26, 27: fmt.Println("Buy some food.") case 31: fmt.Println("Party ...

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Case line clash attacks the root of an opposing case and makes it clear which side the judges should choose. In addition, this speaker used persuasive language to further sway the judges. Kids Explain Clash. Browse By Category. Beginner Debate Skills 5. Argumentation 5. Refutation 3. Style and Persuasion 3.

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For LOAs or case line items "accepted" after August 1, 2006, any program management services will be included on well-defined, services line items on the case. The tailored line item description note for each of these line items must include details describing exactly what services will be provided and the length of time they will be performed.

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FMS - What Happens First. The Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) Your Review and Response to an LOA. After Acceptance. Changes During the Life of Your FMS Program. After Delivery. Learn More about Security Assistance. Appendix 1 - LOR Guide. Appendix 2 - How to Obtain Access to SCIP.

Chapter 16 | Defense Security Cooperation Agency

It is imperative that case/line reconciliation activities be initiated upon implementation of the LOA and continue through case execution to SSC to make the closure process described herein timely and easier. By reconciling during case execution, case closure becomes an event instead of a process. A case is submitted for closure once it is ...

Using the case command to select from different options in a shell script

The case line itself is always of the same format, and it means that we are testing the value of the variable INPUT_STRING. The options we understand are then listed and followed by a right bracket, as hello) and bye). This means that if INPUT_STRING matches hello then that section of code is executed, up to the double semicolon.

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A scope change takes place when the original purpose of a case line or note changes. This may be reflected through either an increase or decrease in dollar value, quantity, or lead-time. (See Section C6.7.2.3. on conditions for limited scope changes through concurrent modification.) An LOA note revision can also be considered a scope change if ...