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The York 4-14ET portable line-boring machine bores from 1.5in to 16in, reducing your heavy equipment down time. The York 12-36 line-boring machine for large diameter bores (from 8in to 36in) features the latest advancements in boring bar technology. The York 830 smart-weld bore welder welds bores from 1.5in to 30in, and features a new approach ...

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Line Boring Bars & Machines Line Boring Bars – BB1750 and BB2250 Mactech portable line boring machines make on-site boring operations much faster and easier. Mactech Boring Bar Systems are the most versatile line boring systems on the portable machining market.

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Our line boring machines features bar feeds capable of bores ranging from an inch to 12+ inches in depth and 1.5 to 20 inches in diameter. Click here to see our machine/equipment variety. Please note that we are capable of exceeding these limits. We have been around for 30+ years. We can get access to all types of line boring machines in use today.

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Hofmann Engineering PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS Hofmann Engineering's MK2 Line Boring Machine offers in situ boring (1-1/4", 2" & 2-1/4" suitability), facing, drilling, and welding without costly down time and without disassembling equipment.

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Our main products include line boring machine, reaming machine for reaming coupling holes, line boring and welding machine, auto bore welding machine, flange facer, milling machine, tracking pin press, valve repairing machine and other portable machine tools for on-site machining.

Novel tunnel-boring machine takes on mining with the help of hydraulics

Circular, full-face tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are well-engineered, proven pieces of equipment, and they're considered the most efficient machines for mechanical excavation of tunnels in rock. But they are not often used in underground mining. The Robbins MDM5000 is the first boring machine of its kind to cut rectangular tunnels.

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Serco & Elsa machines have been manufactured to cover all aspects of on-site repairs/applications, covering: Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting, Bevelling, Tapping, Valve Seats, Drilling, Machining of Cir-clip Grooves, Threading, Step Welding and Cylinder Liners/Engine repairs, to name but a few.


This portable, powerful machine interfaces with SPR York's bore welders so there is only one set up to do both. Many optional accessories are available allowing a wide range of line boring repairs. When you receive the 4-14 ET Line Boring Machine: Inspect the machine for shipping damage.

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The third reason for line boring or honing a block is to correct or change bore centers or bore alignment (as when "blueprinting" a high performance engine). The camshaft and crankshaft should be parallel in the block. If they are not, line boring can correct the misalignment to restore the proper geometry.

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Boring Company tunnels support both Loop and Hyperloop systems. The 0.8 mile Hyperloop Test Track, or Hypertube, was constructed in 2016 and been the site of four student competitions, where student-built Pods reached speeds of up to 288 mph. Status: Test track complete.

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Hello All. There was a thread about line boring a while ago and I thought I would add my .02$ in.I work for a dealer in Atlanta Ga. and have for 15 years.I have been a machinists since high school.I have been doing the line boring and welding in the field for about 14 years.Hopefully these pictures will come thru.The second set was on a rock crusher and the main hole was 14.748-14. ...

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Mobile Line Boring Machines – TRAWEMA Mobile Line Boring Machines Line Boring Machines TBM45 Powerful, lightweight and compact design for fast processing with a wide range of configurations for versatility. Boring Bar Diameter: 45mm Boring Diameter: 50mm-350mm Drive Options: Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic Brochure Video Inquiry TBM57/60

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Robbins' close partnership with the mining industry spans decades, from non-circular prototype machines such as the Mobile Miner to early TBM usage in coal, copper, and gold mines worldwide. While those early machines were successful, modern machines are vastly more powerful and efficient than those tested and used in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Portable line boring machine is mainly applied to repair for shaft pin hole of mining, construction equipment and machining and maintenance on pump, value, turbine. Its offered equipment repair and maintenance services to mining, offshore, shipyard, petroleum, metallurgy and power plant industry due to its portability and powerful processing capabilities on site. Portable line boring is

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Metalock Engineering Group Typical Repairs Line Boring In Line Boring - On-Site The global Metalock Engineering Group have designed and manufactured a superb range of accurate portable inline boring equipment suitable for any on site boring project anywhere, anytime. Main Bearing Pockets Overview Marine Industry Maintenance and Shut Down Contact

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Their entry into boring machines and sliders has been fairly recent, but a single line boring machine is pretty basic and cannot be ruined by anyone. The only thing I would add to any machine is fences on both sides with flip stops. Much easier and more accurate than registration pins. On a long panel, you don't need as many hands.


Line boring machines support boring diameters from 1.375 to 80 inches (35 to 2030 mm), with the precision and speed of stationary machines. Specially designed mounting brackets, spherical bearings, self-centering setup cones, and movable rotational drive and feed units simplify setup and allow the tools to work in spaces too tight for most line boring machines.

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The York 12-36 line-boring machine for large diameter bores (from 8in to 36in) features the latest advancements in boring bar technology. The York 830 smart-weld bore welder welds bores from 1.5in to 30in, and features a new approach to bore welding.

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Ritter Line Boring Machines are woodworking machines used to drill rows of evenly spaced holes in cabinet and furniture components, such as for mounting hardware. They are designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use, and can help woodworkers save time and effort compared to drilling holes by hand.

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Hofmann Engineering's MK2 Line Boring Machine offers in situ boring (1-1/4", 2" & 2-1/4" suitability), facing, drilling, and welding without costly down time and without disassembling equipment. The MK2 is robust, extremely reliable, versatile and virtually unbreakable, making it the preferred unit for use in remote locations as well as ...

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Line Boring for the Marine Industry. We regularly in line boring main & auxiliary engines and gearboxes, stern tubes, 'A' brackets and rudder bores on vessels anywhere in the world. You can rely on us to provide a fast and efficient in-line boring service to all shipowners, shipbuilders and ship repair yards who wish to use our expertise in ...

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Machines in industries such as; power generation, mining, heavy plant and construction equipment manufacturing have large mating parts which get worn out, damaged and require regular servicing/maintenance. ... Basic Machining has a wide variety of portable line boring machines capable of both small and large bore sizes. Our line boring machines ...

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Get a dead-blow hammer with a plastic face to drive the dowels in and the cabinets together. When you get your machine you have to go over all the alignments, especially the head to deck alignment. Use a good caliper. To set the left and right fences you get a piece of hardwood, say 8" long x 1 x 3".

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Line boring is a crucial service to miners and with our team of experienced and qualified professionals, your equipment is in good hands. Equipment repaired Our precision tools offer line boring solutions on a huge range of equipment ranging from Schlam's payload equipment to other major brands (inc. , , ):

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Purcell's have portable line boring machines and optional extras, that provide an all-round service tool for on-site or in-shop precision machining and inside diameter welding. Accurate and portable, these machines will perform in situ: • Boring • Taper boring • Facing • Taper facing drilling • ID welding • Thread cutting

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Line Boring Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts) Thrust Cutting PDF Resources Overview The EM104H is designed for machining large engines used in the earthmoving, mining, oil and gas, power generation and marine work boat industries up to the size of the 3516 and 399, Cummins QSK 78, MTU 4000 V16, Waukesha 7042,etc.

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Extra Equipment: boring bars, cutterheads, off-set bracket bushings, sag measuring device for bars, radial facing attachment, internal measuring gauges, tool grinder, cap grinder, cutter head holder and more. · Machine lengths; 2500 mm (98.4") · 5 different boring bars available allowing boring up to 110 mm (4.33")

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Lineboring and Linehoning Machines | Jamison Equipment Home Lineboring and Linehoning Machines 800-841-5405, 712-852-4627 [email protected] Lineboring and Linehoning Machines We Ship Worldwide! We Take MasterCard & Visa! Sunnen 10ry-6500 Linehone mandrel $2,400.00 Biggest one ive ever seen !! 100lbs Berco BT6 Line bore machine $18,850.00

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Ritter builds great, solid machinery, and has been building line boring machines forever - Powermatic's entry into the field is relatively recent. My '80s Ritter R-46 will be punching holes long after I'm finished. I see no earthly reason for quick-change collets on a line borer. Once set up, the bits are very rarely changed.

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You can easily build this powerful. hydraulic end-boring machine. This Hydraulic End Boring Machine (fully detailed in 6 drawings in the blueprint book) is being used on this job to bore (1) 13" diameter bore X 3" deep. Also the gun drilling of (4) 2 1/4" holes through 6" plate lubricated by high pressure oil.

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Ever Evolving Designs TBMs are becoming ever more mobile and specialized. Robbins is refining designs for TBMs that can bore through curves as small as 45m, making them a logistical tool for complex mine development. Other adaptations, such as explosion proof TBMs, allow for excavation even when gas is present in the tunnel.