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Chief Inspector's Annual Reports. Each year, the Chief Inspector issues a report highlighting mine inspection activities and administrative functions. The latest report covers the 2017 calendar year. Annual Report of the Chief Inspector of Mines 2019 (PDF, 8.5MB) View all Chief Inspector's Annual Reports.

Mining Association of BC

The mining industry is a foundational industry to the Province of British Columbia. For generations, mining has generated jobs and prosperity for BC families in every region of the province. Since 1901, the Mining Association of British Columbia has been the voice and advocate for BC's mining industry.

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The mining industry has 120 diverse careers from counting fish to computer programing to truck driving. Check out the resources in this section to better understand the industry and the jobs that keep it operating safely. ... 2011. Canadian Mining Labour Market Outlook ... mining labour market outlook for British Columbia 2016-2026. Mining ...

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The Mines Act regulates all mining activities in British Columbia – from early exploration to development, production, reclamation, closure, and post-closure. A permit must be in place before any work in, on, or about a mine can occur. Explore Within.

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The B.C. Regional Mining Alliance (BCRMA) is a regional partnership between Indigenous groups, industry and provincial government representatives. This unique collaboration aims to promote British Columbia's mining opportunities internationally, with a focus on exploration projects.

Mount Polley mine disaster: 3 years later concerns still remain

Three years after the Mount Polley mine disaster, there are still concerns over the adequacy of regulation and oversight in the mining industry. In 2014, the mine's tailings dam broke sending 24 ...

Mineral mining versus local peoples' rights in British Columbia, Canada ...

Mining in Canada is an industry generating billions of dollars in cash flow from operations and gross revenue, employing over 373,000 people and accounting for 3.3% of the total GDP [2]. The mining industry in British Columbia lies among the top mining regions in Canada and is a key player in the provincial and national economies and provides a ...

9 Factors Sparking the Future of Mining in British Columbia

Here are 9 reasons to invest in British Columbia's mining and exploration industry. ... In 2020, B.C.'s mining industry generated $9.5 billion in gross revenue and contributed $382 million to government revenues, employing 11,378 people. #7: Choice Destination for Responsibly Sourced Metals and Minerals.

The mining industry as a net beneficiary of a global tax on carbon ...

The technology used in renewable energy production is resulting in a material increase in the demand for many minerals and metals. While the mining industry contributes to global carbon dioxide ...

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The British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation originated in the early 1970's, in response to a demonstrated need in BC for greater government-industry communications in the area of environmental protection and reclamation associated with mining.

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Mining Engineering is concerned with the extraction and processing of ores containing valuable minerals or metals. To become a mining engineer, you need a thorough knowledge of general engineering principles, followed by the study of courses specific to mining and mineral processing. These courses are designed to cover a wide and diverse range ...

BC mining industry in good position to withstand volatility – PwC

British Columbia's mining industry is in a good position to withstand the challenges of 2020, having been prudent in its spending and expansion plans in the decade preceding the Covid-19 ...

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Mineral Deposit Specialist. Phone: (778) 445-5235. Email: [email protected]. Wyatt is responsible for deposit- and system-scale characterization of critical metal resources, with an emphasis on Fe-skarns, IOCG/IOA, carbonatite, and sediment-hosted base-metal systems.

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Hassan is the Regional Geologist for the North Central and Northeast regions of British Columbia. He provides regional expertise to industry, government, academia, and the public for these regions.

MSABC – Mining Suppliers Association of BC

MSABC (The Mining Suppliers Association of B.C.) is a non-profit association, affiliated with the Mining Association of British Columbia. It comprises suppliers, contractors and consultants to the B.C. mining industry who are committed to promoting the sustainability of this valuable resource.

Bayesian Belief network approach to slope management in British ...

The stability of rock slopes is a major safety issue in open pit mining. It is important for rock engineers and mine operators to be knowledgeable about their pit wall behaviour, and, more specifically, to recognize appropriate conditions that ... Bayesian Belief network approach to slope management in British Columbia open pits.

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Most of British Columbia's urban areas mainly provide services for, or process the products of, nearby fishing, farming, mining, and logging operations. For instance, Nanaimo, once a grimy coal-mining town, now prospers as a market centre for fish, lumber, and pulp and paper and as a tourist destination. Trail specializes in mineral smelting ...

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The total net revenue of the British Columbia Mining Industry is $7.3 billion with metallurgical coal contributing approximately $3.0 billion dollars. It is the single biggest contributor to the net revenue of the mining industry which is boosted by the rise in price and an increase of 1.0 million tonnes in sales in 2015.

Mining Association of BC

The mining industry is a foundational industry to the Province of British Columbia. For generations, mining has generated jobs and prosperity for BC families in every region of the province. Since 1901, the Mining Association of British Columbia has been the voice and advocate for BC's mining industry. MABC represents the collective needs and ...

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Despite lower revenues, BC miners continued to invest in 2020, with capital expenditures in line with 2019 spending of $1.6 billion. The industry continues to be a significant source of employment and creator of jobs in British Columbia. In 2020, there were 11,738 direct jobs at the companies that participated in this year's survey.

Mining in BC – British Columbia in a Global Context

The following are facts about mining in BC today: Mining is estimated to be worth $5.6 billion for the province, almost double what it was in 2001. The gross mining revenues for the mining industry were $8.5 billion in 2013. The number of people working in BC's mining industry in 2013 increased to 10,720 up from 10,419 in 2012.

The 5 biggest challenges facing the mining sector

In the five years since the Mount Polly mine disaster, British Columbia's mining industry has focused on tailings pond management and obtaining social licence for resource extraction projects.

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The Impact of Mining on the Landscape by Renata Dulias. ISBN: 9783319295398. Publication Date: . The Remaking of the Mining Industry by David Humphreys. ISBN: 9781137442000. Publication Date: . Selected print and online books available at UBC Library are listed below. Click the link for location/availability.

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Sector filters include Mining, Metals Products, Chemicals, Energy, Energy Utilities and many more. Lectures on sustainable development in the mining industry by UBC Professor of mining engineering, Dirk van Zyl. International Institute for Environment and Development publications from a two-year research project looking at how the mining and ...

9 factors sparking the future of mining and mineral exploration in ...

326 active exploration projects. $660 million in 2021 exploration spending. Over 1.4 million meters of exploration drilling in 2021. 17 operating metal and coal mines. In addition, the province ...

Blackwater Gold Project, British Columbia - Mining Technology

Blackwater Gold Project is located 160km southwest of Prince George and 100km south of Vanderhoof in central British Columbia, Canada. It is spread over approximately 15,000ha on the northern flanks of Mt. Davidson. The property was earlier jointly owned by Richfield Ventures and Silver Quest Resources. Silver Quest took a stake in the project ...

The Significance of Mining to British Columbia – Sam Sullivan

The production value of B.C.'s mining industry is $8.6 billion. Exploration spending is over $460 million and the mining sector invests over $2 billion per year. Coal exports alone account for 38% of the total volume handled at the Port of Vancouver. Mining is also an important employment generator in BC.

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The Survey is responsible for assessing British Columbia's geology and related mineral and coal resources. Since its inception in 1895, the Survey has informed government, the mineral exploration industry, public safety agencies, environmental organizations, communities, First Nations, research organizations, and the general public.